Open Type Generator Sets

Open Type
Generator Sets

Continuous power supply for indoor use

Personalized Customization


According to the individual needs of each project, "One Single discussion" for its "tailored" intelligent energy products, to help customers to maximize the needs of the project.



Large brand name generators, commonly used

power can overload 10% of the ISO standard power



Fuel saving
Super power and low consumption

Advanced fuel injection control system, strong power, 
low fuel consumption rate, 
low operating costs, 
30% fuel saving compared to ordinary brand generators

Fuel saving Super power and low consumption
Original Accessories

Original Accessories

Quality accessories, wear-resistant, 
integrated design, durable, use more at ease


High efficiency silencing

Adopt high efficiency impedance integrated silencer

More to create night, residential, office and other environments


Long overhaul period

High reliability,

average trouble-free time over 800h, long overhaul period

Long overhaul period

Professional Customized Energy Solutions

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