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GEPLEADER (ZHENGZHOU) CO., LTD. was established in August 2012 and is situated within the Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone, Henan Province. Our dedicated 6000 square meter automated production base in Luoyuan, Fuzhou is the cornerstone of our operations. We proudly own the complete intellectual property trademark for GEPLEADER, focusing on the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of the comprehensive GEP series encompassing generator sets and associated supporting products.

Our product line includes a diverse range: intelligent diesel generator sets, gas generator sets, mobile trailer power stations, silent generator sets, lightning towers, and photovoltaic power generation equipment, tailored with capacities spanning from 3kVA to 4000kVA. These solutions cater to various voltage classes and frequencies globally, finding extensive applications across engineering construction, factory development, mining operations, smart infrastructure, disaster recovery communication systems, major events, and the establishment of digital centers.

We are committed to providing holistic power solutions, encompassing potential supply, emergency power support, and power station load-leveling. Adhering rigorously to the International Quality System Standards ISO9001, our Chinese industries ensure the delivery of exceptional products and swift services. Our commitment extends beyond mere effort; we invest in importing advanced manufacturing devices and assembly lines, employing welding robots, full-automatic sheet metal assembly lines, and comprehensive automatic paint baking and spraying lines. Real-time quality control throughout manufacturing processes and the utilization of load test equipment with a maximum power capacity of 5000KVA guarantee the excellence of each device through rigorous loading tests.

Our global network of direct distributors, retailers, and collaborative partnerships within the upstream chains worldwide has significantly accelerated our firm's growth. Since our inception, we have successfully supplied over 10,000 sets of generator devices to more than 30 countries and regions across the globe. We extend a warm invitation to choose GEPLEADER, ensuring that our commitment to leading the market in emergency power solutions remains steadfast. We aspire to become your trusted and reliable partner.



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