Double carbon technology green emissions



Double carbon technology green emissions

Today, green and low-carbon development has become a global consensus. And how to achieve green and low-carbon development has become a deep thinking problem of all countries and industries.

The generator field is an important battlefield to realize the strategy of "dual carbon", and the internal combustion engine plays an important role. For diesel engines, the most important measure to implement the "two-carbon" policy is to improve thermal efficiency.

Thermal efficiency is a complicated thermal problem. In popular terms, the higher the thermal efficiency, the less fuel consumption, so the more significant the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, this point is not difficult to understand from the name. It is for this reason, since the birth of diesel engine 125 years ago, the improvement of thermal efficiency has been the common pursuit of the global industry.

Since its inception, GEPLEADER has been very rigorous in the selection of generators. As a professional enterprise producing diesel generator sets, GEPLEADER is not only putting forward high requirements on the quality of equipment, but also taking "double carbon" policy as an important factor in the research and development of exhibits.

It can be said that GEPLEADER is constantly promoting the technological breakthrough of traditional power and low-carbon upgrading, and assuming the social responsibility of the enterprise.

Now, GEPLEADER is based in China, radiates the world, and truly achieves global coverage local expertise support

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